Colors of The Bukalemun

What’s your color?

  • Blue

Web Design

Your website is your showcase on the digital platform. Your window should be beautiful so that it attracts attention. We also have carefully designed what you want to see in this showcase.

  • Purple

Social Media

Experience the real difference with us at this time when everyone is governed by social media. With professionally managed accounts, faces laugh, pleasures are fulfilled.

  • Yellow

Video Editing & Video Production

Don’t limit the visual power of your brand. In your video shots and video editing jobs, we look not through the camera lens but through the widest window and create a solution.

  • Green

Graphic Design

Expressing yourself correctly is also very important for the brand. We define your company strategy, design your corporate identity from head to toe, and enable you to take solid steps that you can stand out from in the digital world.

  • Red


Words reflect the color of your brand. At Bukalemun Studio, we transform your brand’s minds into sentences, producing colorful texts that help you communicate more healthily with both your customers and stakeholders.


Bukalemun Studio will suit your brand very well!

As Bukalemun Studio, boundaries are not ours! We live without thinking about the colors of life, adapt to where we are. We create the best strategy for your brand with imagination and experience, not just doing what you are told, and ensure its presence on all platforms.